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BLS7-hosted workshops are open to all conference registrants up to the available capacity. We have 6 large rooms reserved. Participation in the workshops is optional, but included within the registration costs. There are no additional fees for workshop participation. BLS7 workshop leaders (those who submit the proposal and organize a workshop), presenters (those who give a talk or take part in a panel discussion), and participants must be registered for the conference. 


We encourage workshops that promote focused discussion and activity on a particular subject or project specific to bio-logging science. We also encourage workshops that produce tangible products to be shared with the greater bio-logging community. 


Workshops will be held at the mid-point of the conference on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. BLS7-hosted workshops are half-day or full day events. We ask organizers to carefully consider whether a full-day workshop is needed so that we might accommodate as many workshops as possible.


Workshop Proposal Deadline: 

BLS7 workshop proposal submission opens March 18, 2020. The deadline for all submissions will be announced soon. Registration for workshops will be handled by each workshop organizer but we expect availability for sign-ups in June 2021.


Workshop Requirements and Proposal Evaluation: 

BLS7-affiliated workshops proposals can be submitted by anyone planning to attend BLS7. We will try to accommodate all proposed workshops. But, there is limited space. If needed, the BLS7 Conference and Scientific Program will evaluate the workshop proposals and select those to fill the available slots based on their review scores. Other workshops will be placed on a waiting list and added to the schedule by rank order of their review scores if additional slots become available.


Workshop Proposal Submission: 

To submit a workshop proposal to the conference committee, you will need to fill out this online form. In your proposal you must: 

1)specify the workshop subject or theme; 

2) briefly explain why your workshop is relevant to the conference; 

3) specify the expected format (e.g. a series of speakers and/or a panel followed by discussion, a training session on use of technology or data analysis; a small group effort to analyse data or draft an action plan, etc.); 

4) roughly estimate the number of participants expected; 

5) describe to what audience the workshop outcome or conclusions is directed, and 

6) indicate how the output(s) of the workshop will be disseminated. 


If you would like to discuss the options before you submit a proposal, or have questions about any of the requested information, contact us at


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