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Presenters information

Please plan to have your video recorded and uploaded by October 4. Time is required to check every video to ensure a smooth virtual meeting. If you opt to submit a video, take advantage of the opportunity to practice and re-record your presentation as many times as you need to feel satisfied from the comfort of your home or office.

We hope you will upload and record your materials well before the deadline. This will allow for better customer service and support, as well as to avoid potential slow-downs or web disruptions that cannot be anticipated during heavy upload periods.

Logging In to the Virtual Conference Platform
Login to the virtual conference platform using the link that was sent to the email you used to submit your abstract. Once logged in, find the Record/Upload presentation button in Red in your profile. 

Video Recording Options
Please note that the virtual meeting platform offers a built-in self-recording tool. Though you are not required to use it, we do encourage you to consider it for an effective and easy one-stop, self-serve process. If you are more comfortable with another recording platform (examples: Zoom, Loom, Webex, GoToMeeting or PowerPoint), you have the option to record using your preferred software and uploading that MP4 video file using the Upload Presentation Video button.


Google Chrome Works Best
We strongly recommend you use the most current version of Google Chrome to record your presentation through the virtual conference platform for the best result and to avoid errors. If you choose to use another software tool to record your talk you will upload your MP4 video through the virtual conference platform.

Recording Instruction Tools for Virtual Conference Platform
For a detailed walkthrough on how to record your virtual presentation using the virtual conference platform tool, please watch the video within this support document. Or paste this link into your browser:


Please do not exceed the time limit you were assigned for your presentation. Exceeding the time limit may result in a request to have you re-record your presentation, which we prefer not to do.

Relax, give yourself an opportunity to practice, and enjoy sharing your presentation.


If you have questions during the recording process please click on the Support Button, which will generate an email to Staff will respond as quickly as possible, but please allow 1-2 days to account for weekends, time differences, and holidays.

We look forward to receiving your presentations ! 

Abstract Submission


Abstract Decision

Approx. July 23, 2021

Presentation upload deadline

October 4, 2021

Virtual BLS7

October 18-22. 2021

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